OSHA Safety Issues & the Hair Replacement Industry

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[memberonly folders="Members,Vendors,Sponsored"] When OSHA Comes Knocking by Keith Zimmerman, Keith's Hair Center; Green Bay & Appleton, Wisconsin This is my story about how an OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Agency) inspection affected my hair replacement business. It is not intended to criticize OSHA or seek sympathy for myself. (Ignorance is not a defense for non-compliance of a law.) Safety for our employees and our clients is a serious matter. A publicized safety or health incident could severely damage our industry. What I hope to achieve by telling my story is to wake up our industry so that we are not a targeted group by OSHA in the future. The hair replacement industry must protect itself from negative publicity that could occur if we had a serious illness or injury. We deal with chemicals, sharp tools and blood borne pathogens every day. Our workers have the right to a safe workplace, to understand what is in the products they use at work and to know how to protect themselves from hazardous chemicals. When stylists use hazardous products, it is the responsibility of the salon owner or employer to follow OSHA’s standards. Read this entire article in the Digital Edition of The Link:  https://issuu.com/ahlc/docs/thelinkissue8/30  The complete Digital Edition of The Link magazine is now online at issuu.com/ahlc [/fusion_separator]