Can Diabetes Be a Cause of Hair Loss?

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There is a wide range of emotions that can take place when a person realizes they are beginning to lose their hair. Often their first reaction is to search for a reason why this is happening to them. More and more individuals are looking at their diabetes as the blame for their hair loss. While there is no direct connection when it comes to being overweight and losing hair, it is believed that hair loss can be tied to the same reasons that we struggle to lose weight. If you are unable to keep your weight under control, pre-diabetes can start to take place which in some cases has been associated with the loss of hair. When our bodies can not regulate our body’s blood sugar properly, this can cause an individual to begin to lose their hair. Many often look at their obesity as the cause of their hair loss and this stops them from taking a closer looking into the underlying factors. Outside of genetics, poor nutrition can be a contributing factor for diabetes and it is something that we need to monitor closely if we want to stay clear of suffering from hair loss in the future. If you are someone that eats regularly at fast food restaurants, then you may be more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes later in life. Each of us needs certain vitamins if we want to keep hair loss from ever having a chance to happen. You may not know but there are vitamin deficiencies that [...]