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The Importance of Blogging for Your Hair Restoration Business

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Blogging in the Hair Restoration Industry: Is It Really All That Important? It’s 2019 and we’ve all heard the phrase “content is king.” But is blogging really necessary? We’ve all heard the blogging is a powerful means of content marketing, but is it really that powerful? These are great questions that are very much overlooked by the majority of small business owners and salon and hair replacement studio owners in particular. Virtually all modern website design and development platforms include some sort of blogging platform. As an effective, long term marketing tool, a blog can be leveraged with enormous power to connect with and nurture prospects, and in developing authority and trust in you and your company. It can also help you to control the destiny and branding of your business in the digital world by dictating as much as possible what your online prospects see and understand about you rather than leaving it to others to define you. Online Visibility: The Competitive Edge Blogging also provides the means to improve your online visibility by means of providing relevant content around based on your search engine optimization goals by targeting specific search terms and phrases in which your audience is interested, and putting you front and center in search results above your competitors. Let’s take a quick look at the important points that make a blog a vital part of your marketing efforts. So from a strictly business perspective, why should you care about blogging? Blogging Helps Establish Your Credibility and Authority Blogging has the [...]

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Expert Advice for Men Suffering from Hair Loss

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Expert Advice for Men Suffering from Hair Loss Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness can be unpredictable. While baldness is associated with age, men can start experiencing thinning hair as early as their twenties. The American Hair Loss Association reports that by age thirty-five, two in every three American men will have started experiencing hair loss; and by the time they reach fifty, 85% of men would have significantly thinning hair. While public perception about bald men has started to shift (recent studies reveal that people perceive bald men as more dominant, capable, and intelligent than men with thinning hair), the fact remains that not all could pull off a shaved head as well as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Sir Patrick Stewart. Additionally, men just prefer to have a full head of hair than sport a bald head. A survey in the United Kingdom revealed that 41% of men would rather be partially bald than entirely bald. Early studies also show that alopecia may result in psychological disorders, particularly anxiety and depression. It’s particularly true for men who suffer alopecia due to chemotherapy. Patients regard hair loss, whether partial or total, as one of the most traumatic effects of chemotherapy treatments. For these reasons, men of all ages and backgrounds search for hair restoration solutions that could give them thick, healthy locks. It’s more than an aesthetic matter for men; it’s also for them to regain the confidence to face people and make themselves be seen and heard by others. The Truth about Topical [...]