Title: Owner, Stylist
Salon: TruBeauty Hair Studio &
Hair Loss Center
Location: Springfield, New Jersey

Question #1: Tell us about where you grew up.

Answer: I grew up in an area in Springfield called the Square. It was three streets connected and it was the best. Plenty of kids of all different ages. Summer days were filled with adventures, long bike rides, and a  game of handball just about every day.

Question #2: What was your favorite cartoon growing up, and why?

Answer: I grew up with three brothers, and they got control of the remote more than I did so I watched a lot of boy-based cartoons. My favorite would have to be “G.I. Joe.” They always had a great positive message and the famous line at the end of each show was “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle” which always stuck out in my head.

Question #3: If a movie were made about your life, who would play you?

Answer: This is a tough one. I would want to play myself (lol) but if I had to pick an actress I would say, Viola Davis or Angela Bassett.

Question #4: Describe your high school years.

Answer: Let me just say I wish I could go back and repeat it. I was shy and quiet. I wish people knew who I was. I like to hide in the background and now I’m totally different.

Question #5: Who have been your most substantial influences in life?

Answer: Besides, my mom and dad, I would have to say a few women in the Bible, Esther, Ruth, and Mary.

Question #6: How would friends and acquaintances describe you?

Answer: My friends would describe me as having patience, being kind, a go-getter, and ambitious, and I have a servant’s heart.

Question #7: What would you do differently if you had a chance?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything that I would do differently. The challenges, the storms, the good, and the bad times are what created me, Stacy.

Question #8: Describe a scene of your vision for the future.

Answer: I’m on stage, sharing my story with a bunch of young girls who think that they are unlovable, who lack confidence, and who struggle with being “BODACIOUS”!