By Max Dalens, Hairskeen USA COO, Bedford, Massachusetts

What is a custom order? Why do we need custom orders? 

A custom order is a way of getting a hair replacement system customized to the specifications of your client. You can pick and choose everything, from the size of the base, the type of material, the density, the length of hair, the color, the curls and texture, and more. 

Sounds amazing right! Well not that much.

A custom order can be difficult to produce. Because of all those specifications, there is a lot involved in the making of a hair replacement that will look natural. There are limitations in the material you use, the color you want  — blond colors and grays especially —  the density and more. Because of all this, custom orders lack consistency in the making and in quality.

That is why the entire industry worked hard to create what we call “stock” hair systems with the most sought-after specifications and designs that will suit 90% or more of your client’s needs with great quality and consistency.

So why make a case for custom orders, you may be yourself? Well, because in challenging times we come up with clever solutions.

The current difficulties with supplying stock systems has forced us to think about our options. Custom orders are a source of supplies by themselves, something we didn’t really use to its full potential. 

Why can’t we get the best of both worlds? The truth is that we can if we adjust the offer to our real needs and if we make it more affordable. I’m not saying cheaper, I’m saying easier, simpler.

We came up with a simple custom order. We use the designs we’ve created over the years and added the customization of those custom orders along with a kit of premade plastic molds from our factory. That way we can specify a design they already know provides the basics of the hair system. We can modify the size using our premade molds and adjust the length, curl and density of the hair. 

Doing so we have the consistency and quality of “stock” systems with a controlled lead time along with the customization of a tailored hair system.