Are You Prone to Hair Loss?

female hair loss restoration mclean virginiaIf you are beginning to get worried about the strands of hair you are finding on your hairbrush or in the shower drain, you are not alone. Everyone worries about losing their hair at some point. As we age it is natural for our hair to naturally thin. Not everyone will lose hair the same, as some people may lose more than others simply because of their genetics. When it comes to hair loss there are varying causes. It’s possible for a person to be genetically predisposed to hair loss and also caused by something else.

Here are some things that can make you more prone to hair loss:

  • Diseases especially those of the thyroid.
    A prolonged thyroid imbalance can cause hair to thin all over the scalp. It can also cause hair loss on the arms and legs. Men and women that suffer from hypothyroidism can experience hair loss of this type.
  • Trauma.
    If a person goes through an event that is very traumatic to them as a death in the family, a medial injury it is believed that the body diverts its efforts elsewhere while a person heals. Telogen effluvium is the term that is used to describe the medical trauma, shock or severe stress. The stress caused by the ordeal causes the hair follicles to go into a resting phase. Because of this the hair loss than can occur will happen in just a few months after the trauma. The hair loss is not permanent and will regrow as the natural hair growth cycle returns.
  • Autoimmune Disorders.
    Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that in know to attack the hair follicles. When this happens large sections of hair begin to fall out. In time the hair often does grow back but the hair loss may return but it may come back thin, and sometimes the hair loss can be permanent. Alopecia Areata can cause hair loss on all parts of the body which include the scalps, arms, and legs. Over 6.8 million people in the United States suffer from alopecia.
  • High-Stress Levels.
    Stress especially high levels of stress can cause people to develop telogen effluvium. Hair loss can happen when the stress disrupts the natural growth cycle of your hair. Learning to cope with stress is important for your overall health. If you believe your thinning hair may be due to stress, by taking action to reduce that stress with meditation, getting more sleep and exercise. Reducing high levels of stress your hair can begin to regrow.
  • Medications.
    We are aware of the side-effects of some medications but not all meds have the same side-effects. Some heart and blood pressure medication, along with birth control can cause hair loss as a side-effect. If you are not sure if a medication you are taking can cause hair loss talk to your pharmacist or doctor.
  • Inflammation.
    There are a number of issues that can cause inflammation that ranges from allergies, a build-up of hair products, swelling from a fungal infection or scalp issues. This inflammation can cause hair loss by making it difficult for new hairs to grow back. If you have a scalp that is irritated then you should use baby shampoo and rinse with cold water as you massage your scalp.
  • Genetics and Normal, Healthy Aging.
    For many individual’s hair loss can develop because it runs in your family. Often, your hair can begin to fall out in your late 20s and early 30s. While some hair loss is normal as part of the aging process. It is when we more hair than normal that we need to be concerned. Women typically hair thinning at the hairline. Men most often start losing their hair from the forehead back.

If you see that you are losing your hair rest easy as there are many ways to cope when you feel it is affecting your looks. If your hair loss seems come on suddenly, you should talk to your doctor or a hair loss specialist near you.