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How to Achieve Great Looks With Alternative Hair

2021-10-08T10:23:10-05:00September 29th, 2021|

Freshen up your client's look. Read on for inspiration on the top trending hair looks that you can use to refresh your wig, topper, or alternative hairstyle.   Bangs, Bang and More Bangs While quarantine bangs might have seemed like a fad, stylists are still incorporating every single bang style into their current cuts. There are lots of bang options for everyone. In addition to the highly popular curtain bangs full bangs, shaggy bangs, wispy bangs, and even side bangs are practically everywhere right now. Curtain Bangs Not quite ready to make a permanent change? Check out clip-on bangs to get the bang look without the commitment. How to Achieve This Look Bangs work well on your natural hair as well as wigs, toppers or hair replacements. I love taking old wigs or toppers that have challenging front hairlines and cutting in a trendy bang. This gives a nice fresh look and eliminates the cost and hassle of fixing or repairing the front. It is advised to go to a stylist who is experienced in cutting alternative hair since the placement and density vary from natural hair. When cutting bangs it’s important to blend the bangs and remove weight with point-cutting techniques to create that natural, seamless look. The Shag 2021 is about the return of the shag. It requires a ton of layering, which helps to create texture for a cool, lived-in look. How to Achieve this Look Layering wigs and toppers create an illusion of volume and help frame your face. It also [...]

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Is Alternative Hair – Reel Magic?

2021-09-29T09:47:29-05:00September 29th, 2021|

By Jeanne Beirne, CEO and founder of Tabengin Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia In these days of instant media, who do you get your message out to the masses? Well, social media and the hair restoration and replacement Industry easily go together like peanut butter and jelly. Why? Because hair restoration and replacement is a visual art form and you are a visual artist who is also selling life-changing products. I know this because I wear hair and I am a social media strategist. Video is driving immense growth in social media and that includes Instagram. It may seem overwhelming but let’s just talk about the power of Instagram Reels and how they can help you. Instagram Reels are informal mini commercials (15-30 seconds) for your business. The best part is that they are free. They can help you grow your following. Reels have a long shelf life so viewers will see them and you can share them to your stories and your feed. Also Reels, like your Instagram feed, expand your reach to new clients and customers. Reels are similar to TikTok and you can repurpose between the platforms (just remove any watermarks) and the only investment you really have to give is your time. A Case Study: I have a client, Cura Hair Solutions, that has a Reel that has gone viral. She had less than 1,500 followers on the account prior to the viral Reel. In three weeks, the Reel went from 0 to 1.9 million accounts reached. Cura Hair Solutions has more than 4,500 followers now. [...]

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This Ain’t Barbie Hair!

2021-10-08T10:12:29-05:00September 28th, 2021|

Just like the hair replacement industry offers “alternative hair solutions,” there are alternatives to human hair. Created fiber, alternative fiber and synthetic are all terms used to describe “non-human hair.” While semantics may be considered a marketing gimmick, consider how your client feels about something they perceive as unnatural. Synthetic fibers commonly used consist of modacrylic, polyvinyl chloride, polyester and nylon. Modacrylic (K7). Commonly used in wigs. Curling temperature 190 degrees F Replicates human hair denier Melting temperature 390 degrees F Moist heat Won’t absorb water Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Very shiny by itself and common in costume or Cosplay wigs, and of course, Barbie doll hair. Curling temperature 190 degrees F Moist heat Won’t absorb water Polyester is also known as its marketing name of Futura. Curling temperature 250 degrees F Moist and dry heat Won’t absorb water Nylon is also known as cyberhair and vital hair. Made from nylon chips with color throughout. Curling temperature 320 degrees F to 365 degrees (depending on the type) Keeps factory-made textures and curl Replicates human hair shine Three times lighter than human hair Moist and dry heat Absorbs water like human hair Created hair fibers can often be worn right out of the box with little cutting and no styling. Synthetic hair fibers have "memory" for wave, curl and volume built into the fiber, which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort. Some synthetic fibers can even hold up in bad weather without frizzing. Wigs made from synthetic fibers typically last about three to six months, with nylon-made fibers [...]

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To Own or To Lease, That is the Question

2021-10-08T10:10:45-05:00September 28th, 2021|

Oftentimes a new company starting up doesn’t have the money to purchase property, especially in high-dollar areas. But after nine years in business, Kelly Nemitz, owner of The Hair Specialists in Hudson, Ohio, asked herself, “Why am I leasing?” She realized how expensive it was when she added up the money spent on monthly lease payments. That’s when she decided to look for a building to buy and an opportunity to be her own landlord. Nemitz Handel Stacey Handel, owner of Garde Bien Spa Salon in Knoxville, Tennessee, had a similar experience. She leased for 12 years when she first opened. “When I did the math, I saw that I had no equity for that 12 years of business.” She moved to her permanent location in 2011. This year she was able to purchase the adjacent space to renovate and expand. For these two business owners, owning property is not only the best choice for their business but also a great investment toward their future. With more than 40 years of experience, Handel says she has watched business ebb and flow. “I would have never guessed I’d be closing my doors because of a global illness.” However, the busy bus that started rolling after those shutdowns during the pandemic has not stopped. One thing is for sure, with all the changes from 2020 she says she’s learned to prepare for the unknown. “I can’t lie. When the adjacent space became available during a pandemic it was frightening and exciting! Prior to [...]

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Curating Your Business

2021-09-29T09:41:30-05:00September 28th, 2021|

At the beginning of my career, I helped anyone with hair loss. It was about establishing myself and making money of course. I realized there are many facets of every industry including ours and that I couldn't be a master of all. Nor did I want to be. I decided to focus on the areas where I excel.I don’t do wefts. I don't believe they are healthy for the woman’s hair and can actually cause more hair loss, which creates a very unhappy client. Since there are only so many hours in the day, I made the determination that we need to focus on what we do best and do it really, really well. And for me, that is hair replacement for men and women with hair loss. I rarely take new clients suffering from alopecia universalis or totalis. I almost never take a client suffering from alopecia areata. The alopecia clients I do take are those who are “over the hump” psychologically, have accepted it, and just want to do something about it.  I can’t take the time to help people who are still dealing with it psychologically and still hoping against hope that it will grow back. And alopecia is the worst because it can cause deep depression and psychological problems. And at the end of the day, I’m a hairdresser. Focusing On Your Core Business We made the determination early on that we really needed to focus on our core business. Wefts are a perfect example. With wefts, you find yourself working harder, [...]

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Be the Brand

2021-10-08T10:11:44-05:00September 28th, 2021|

Many years ago there was a moderately funny movie called "Caddyshack" starring Chevy Chase, who was funny for 15 minutes. He was probably upset that although he got top billing, the movie was stolen by funnier actors like Bill Murray, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield. Michael Suba But he did have one bit of advice that was worth noting. “Be the ball, Danny. Be the ball.” And no, its not the same as “Use the Force.” For business, it translates into “Be The Brand, Danny. Be The Brand.” You are the brand. Be it. Own it. Jealously guard it. My first exposure to this angle of marketing goes even farther back. In the 1970s there was a phenomenally successful men’s hairpiece wholesaler called New Man Hair. My father was the distributor for them in eastern Canada. He also retailed them in his Toronto salon, Continental Hair. I remember he had a large sign in the front window with their logo. It lit up so there was no way you could miss it. I still remember the names of the synthetic stock units — The Adolfo and The Triumph. It was a great time to be in the business as these things were flying off the shelves. But I remember when my father got a visit from someone from the head office. I was only about 15 at the time but my dad would insist I sit in on these business meetings. I guess he thought I would absorb something through osmosis. These guys knew their stuff. More pointedly, they knew my dad’s stuff. They had his sales [...]

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Customizing Scarves and Hats

2021-07-14T07:42:59-05:00July 14th, 2021|

Repurposing Your Extra Material By Roberta Kozel, Salon IAOMO, Pittsburgh, PA How do you customize a hair hat, turban and other head coverings with bang or accent hair? Start with blended synthetic hair that has been permanently attached to a 100% cotton baseball cap, creating a ready-to-wear hair fashion. This process gives an illusion of a full head of hair by adding pieces to give it a bang or an all-around hair look.   By strategically customizing stock pieces we save scrap pieces to repurpose for the hair accent strategy. Those scrap pieces are attached to the inside of the baseball cap, turban, or head covering and styled to a client’s preference. Each piece is stitched by hand to the head covering.

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Hair Keepsakes that Help the Healing

2021-07-13T09:39:04-05:00July 13th, 2021|

By Stacey M. Handel, AHLC Certified Master, Garde Bien Salon, Inc. Knoxville, TN Keepsakes are mementos from the heart and represent something deeply cared for. While many people save photos or clothing such as wedding gowns and team jerseys or baby teeth, more than 60% of parents save hair from their child. Parents make a big event of the first haircut by taking photos, videos and then save the hair in a frame or baby book. My mother saved a ponytail from my childhood, which is in safekeeping.  Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for test results, praying for good news and fearing a diagnosis that will create a disruption in your life. Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating. Being told chemotherapy is the recommended treatment plan, a woman can be flooded with emotions of fear, anger and depression. Surprisingly, only minutes after absorbing the news of having a deadly disease a woman will ask, “Will I lose my hair?” “Losing your hair is an outwardly, obvious sign that you’re sick,” said one woman.  “In addition to the unwanted attention, the thought of losing my hair made me feel more sadness than the thought of losing my breasts. It may sound silly, but many women and men who have faced a cancer diagnosis will understand what I mean. It’s pretty devastating and usually one of the first things you as a patient, see cancer taking from you.” Although a cancer patient copes with doctor appointments, infusions, sudden changes in their body, aches and pains, [...]

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Regenerative Medicine: The Latest Generation is Here

2021-10-07T14:56:57-05:00July 12th, 2021|

“Exosome” is the new buzzword and rising star in the fields of regenerative medicine, stem cell research, as well as traditional medicine and pharmacology because exosomes represent the latest generation of naturally bioactive stem cell-based products for patient treatment. What is an exosome? Alan J Bauman, MD, ABHRS Exosomes or extracellular vesicles are tiny packets containing a wide range of cellular information, signals, and instructions that are created inside cells and secreted into their surroundings. They may be taken up by adjacent cells or travel to distant cells. Less than 1/1000 the size of a cell, typically ~100nm in diameter, they can be found in blood, urine, spinal fluid, and saliva. For many years, exosomes were considered responsible only for the transportation of cellular waste out of a cell–not very glamorous! More recently, however, they have been recognized for their critical role in intracellular communication in health and disease, with now more than 14,000 scientific articles appearing in the clinical literature within the past decade. Because of their potential, biotech companies focused on exosome therapeutics and diagnostics have received hundreds of millions of dollars of investments just within the past few years and the exosome field is projected to be a three billion dollar a year industry by the end of this decade. An undeniable trend in medical research since the 1990s has been away from a traditional pharmaceutical approach toward the concept of regenerative medicine – a way to restore normal function to that which has been damaged by disease, injured by [...]

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The Wind and Water Lifted My Success After a Difficult Diagnosis

2021-10-07T14:56:10-05:00July 12th, 2021|

Nazy Curtis I was diagnosed with alopecia at age 22, and like any diagnosis that doesn’t have a cure, I was in shock.  I felt hopeless but decided to do hundreds of cortisone shots, but nothing worked. There would always be a new patch. The next option was taking cortisone pills, which have many side effects including liver damage and moon face. I got the latter.  Being the only girl in the family, my mother kept asking, “Why, why my only daughter?” I responded, “Mom if it wasn’t me it would be someone else. Anyone could get this.” I decided to act positively in front of my family. I didn’t want to see the sadness in their eyes and of course, I tried to hide my hair loss from everyone else. Even up to today no one has seen me bald.  I was walking around as a young and enthusiastic new business owner with a moon face and shiny synthetic wig, promoting my new business. You can imagine the sick feeling I was carrying with me every day. Indescribable. Knowing that my hair will not ever come back, I decided to use my own wig-making experience to create my first wig. I sourced the best European human hair, designed my own cap with no glue or clips. It made me feel so much better. After all these years I still do not see myself bald. I know the world around us has changed. On Instagram and other social media, people talk openly about [...]