The Inevitable Question: Who Is Responsible for the Life of a Fine, Human Hair Wig?

How Long Will This Wig Last? What is Your Warranty? Why Are These Such Difficult Questions?

wigs warranty responsibilityThe inevitable questions take many forms, but always, the client’s expectation is that there is a finite answer; “This wig will last X-length of time (one or a number of years being the usual expectation) and the warranty is for Y-months.” It would be so elegant to provide this answer. So, why can’t we? In this case “we” being collectively us: the manufacturer, and you, the professional hair studio reseller.

Many resellers and online sites do actually stipulate a warranty time period, but – even in those cases – the caveats immediately make the warranty as vague as if it was not written.

By way of example, let’s look at a parallel between two of the leading online-only resellers and you, the professional (bricks & mortar) professional hair studio. In almost every other industry, when looking at a physical retailer to online-only comparison, the online player usually offers the most liberal and comprehensive return policies. They build the frequency and cost of returns into their business model. They can afford to because they don’t have the physical location and considerable overhead that you have. And that is one of the ways they compensate for not being able to offer your type of hands-on personal service. And yet, even in the online world, our industry is different.

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