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A Case for Custom Orders

By Max Dalens, Hairskeen USA COO, Bedford, Massachusetts What is a custom order? Why do we need custom orders?  A custom order is a way of getting a hair replacement [...]

Let’s Get Booking

By Kelly Nemitz, The Hair Specialists, Hudson, Ohio Let’s chat about having your salon fully booked. When I say booked, I mean 98% booked out four, six, eight, even 10-plus [...]

Lessons from a Wig

From Loss Comes an Unexpected Benefit I Couldn't See By Judy Brunelli, Polidori’s Salon, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania It was a Sunday afternoon in mid-December last year. I was fighting a sinus [...]

The Wig Industry: Where We Stand Today

By Jackie Yu, President, HairArt Int'l Inc. HEH Men's, House of European Hair If you're a wig shop or hair replacement center you've probably noticed extreme changes in availability, quality [...]

From Hair Puller to Hair Loss Hairstylist

By Dorin Azerad, Stylist, Élan Hair Studio, Houston, Texas I am a hair puller and a hairstylist. My journey with trichotillomania  —  the hair-pulling disorder  —  began more than 20 [...]