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Customizing Scarves and Hats

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Repurposing Your Extra Material By Roberta Kozel, Salon IAOMO, Pittsburgh, PA How do you customize a hair hat, turban and other head coverings with bang or accent hair? Start with blended synthetic hair that has been permanently attached to a 100% cotton baseball cap, creating a ready-to-wear hair fashion. This process gives an illusion of a full head of hair by adding pieces to give it a bang or an all-around hair look.   By strategically customizing stock pieces we save scrap pieces to repurpose for the hair accent strategy. Those scrap pieces are attached to the inside of the baseball cap, turban, or head covering and styled to a client’s preference. Each piece is stitched by hand to the head covering.

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Hair Keepsakes that Help the Healing

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By Stacey M. Handel, AHLC Certified Master, Garde Bien Salon, Inc. Knoxville, TN Keepsakes are mementos from the heart and represent something deeply cared for. While many people save photos or clothing such as wedding gowns and team jerseys or baby teeth, more than 60% of parents save hair from their child. Parents make a big event of the first haircut by taking photos, videos and then save the hair in a frame or baby book. My mother saved a ponytail from my childhood, which is in safekeeping.  Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for test results, praying for good news and fearing a diagnosis that will create a disruption in your life. Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating. Being told chemotherapy is the recommended treatment plan, a woman can be flooded with emotions of fear, anger and depression. Surprisingly, only minutes after absorbing the news of having a deadly disease a woman will ask, “Will I lose my hair?” “Losing your hair is an outwardly, obvious sign that you’re sick,” said one woman.  “In addition to the unwanted attention, the thought of losing my hair made me feel more sadness than the thought of losing my breasts. It may sound silly, but many women and men who have faced a cancer diagnosis will understand what I mean. It’s pretty devastating and usually one of the first things you as a patient, see cancer taking from you.” Although a cancer patient copes with doctor appointments, infusions, sudden changes in their body, aches and pains, [...]

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Creating a Support Group for Women With Hair Loss

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Creating a Support Group for Women With Hair Loss The most rewarding part of my day is helping a woman look and feel her best. It is especially true when I have the opportunity to help someone who is feeling helpless and frustrated because of their hair loss. More than 46 million women in the U.S. experience abnormal hair loss. The average woman loses between 50-100 hairs daily. The problem obviously comes when the body does not replace these hairs, creating gradual thinning, or when a person experiences increased hair loss over time. The immediate assumption, for most, when they see a woman who has hair loss, is that she is sick or probably going through chemotherapy. But for many women, the cause of their hair loss is never clearly determined or diagnosed. “I went to doctor after doctor. I tried nearly every remedy there was out there, but nothing worked and no one could figure out why this was happening to me. All they could say is that it could be stress related. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning,” my client Brandy shared with me as she painfully recalled the frustration of dealing with her initial hair loss at the young age of 38. The complete Digital Edition archive of The Link magazine is available online at issuu.com/ahlc READ THIS COMPLETE ARTICLE in The Link online here: https://issuu.com/ahlc/docs/thelink18/14 [/fusion_separator]