It’s Key to Building Your Business

By Nazy Curtis, Founder, Amani Hair

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As a successful hair restoration studio owner I have found that consultations are a cornerstone of my business. It is often the first meeting you’ll have with potential clients. And as they say, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Here are some helpful ideas on how to conduct a successful consultation:

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

This is essential. Make sure your private rooms have a vibe of comfort and warmth. Green plants and calming art with vivid colors can be welcoming. Your client is going through a tough time and we want them to feel like things are normal — not like they are in a doctor’s office or a place that feels clinical.

Educate Your Staff

This is a place where people come with different emotional vulnerabilities. Be sure your staff knows what to say and what not to say. Understand that listening and empathy are paramount. Selling is actually secondary. Your body language and verbiage should have a kind and healing effect on your clients.


It is important to find out if the client is there for a short-term or a long-term solution. This will determine what products you will choose to show. It also dictates the conversation to some degree. Don’t overwhelm them with terminology. Using technical terms can be confusing and lead to more questions and more of your time.

Empathy is a Must

Show clients compassion and know that they have been through a lot by the time they are sitting in your chair. Even if they are not ready to buy, let them know all of their options. Be sure they know they have found a safe place to talk about their hair loss and support their decision.


You will strengthen the relationship with your prospective clients by asking them about the challenges and goals they would like to reach. Listening to them is about connecting. It involves paying close attention to their needs and understanding how you can help them achieve their goals. Stay humble and patient, and let the customer speak.

Manage the Time

Keep your consultation time to under an hour. Long appointments can lead to confusion. Give clients no more than three options. Again, we don’t want clients to feel confused or overwhelmed.

Show Assurance

Make sure you are confident in the product that you are selling them. Know the sources of your products.


Once your client decides to purchase, be sure you have all of your contracts in order. Review them with your clients and be sure they read them, including the fine print. Your policies need to be on both your contracts and receipts. This protects both parties, you and your client.

Using these hints and seeing how happy customers are can be a catalyst to strengthening your business.