Discovering the Main Cause of Hair Loss as a Certified Trichologist

Dr. Shawon Gullette ND,I.A.T, Certified Trichologist | Naturopathic Medicine Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinic, Kettering, Ohio

As a certified trichologist, our main objective is to uncover the causes of hair loss and hair and scalp conditions. Throughout my experience, I have found it highly advantageous to network with professionals from various fields such as dermatology, nutrition, gynecology, hematology, and more. This collaboration has enabled me to provide comprehensive care to my clients and offer effective solutions to their hair loss concerns.

My Trichology Journey

With a passion for helping individuals with hair loss, I have dedicated my career to becoming a certified trichologist. Throughout the years, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. In 2007, I established the Dayton Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinic, which has been serving the community for 15 years. The clinic offers a wide range of services and features specialized rooms for laser therapy treatment, nonsurgical hair transplants, consultations, and herbal hair treatments. After witnessing my positive impact in Dayton, I expanded my practice and inau-gurated the Cincinnati Trichology Hair Loss Control Clinic in 2021. The Cincinnati clinic boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a reception area, laser therapy treatment room, consultation room, and herbal hair treatment room. With these two locations, I aim to reach and help a broader client base, providing optimal hair loss solutions.

Collaborative Networking

To fully understand and address
the complex nature of hair loss, I have leveraged the power of collaboration by networking with professionals from various fields. By joining forces with dermatologists, nutritionists, gynecologists, hematologists, and other experts, I have been able to offer my clients a multifaceted approach to their hair loss concerns. As most of my clients come as a referral from health care professionals and we co-manage hair loss in some cases.

Dermatology: Unraveling the Role of the Scalp Working closely with dermatologists has been instrumental. Dermatologists specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the skin, including the scalp. Through their expertise, we can identify underlying skin disorders, infections, or inflammations that may contribute to hair loss. Collaborating with dermatologists allows us to develop tailored treatments that address both the scalp condition and hair loss simultaneously. As a team I take the lead on the internal side such as the different body systems, and a thorough in-clinic comprehensive consultation, I perform 90% of the treatment protocols by getting to the root cause of hair loss.

Nutrition: Nourishing the Hair from Within Nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy hair. By collaborating with nutritionists, we can identify any deficiencies or imbalances in our clients’ diets that may be contributing to their hair loss. Nutritionists help us develop personalized plans that include essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote hair growth and overall scalp health. I earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine where I’m able to exchange knowledge as it relates to hair loss and nutrition. One of my main tools is a tissue mineral analysis.

Gynecology: Hormones and Hair Loss

Hormonal imbalances can have a signifi-cant impact on hair health in both men and women. By partnering with gynecologists, we can explore the connection between hormonal disorders, such as polycystic ovary syndrome and hair loss. With their expertise, we can develop targeted treatments that specifically address the hor-monal factors contributing to hair loss.

Hematology: Uncovering Underlying Blood Disorders

Certain blood disorders can manifest in hair loss. Collaborating with hematologists allows us to investigate any underlying blood conditions that may be affecting our clients’ hair health. By addressing these disorders, we can promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp, ensuring optimal hair growth. It should also be noted that learning to read blood panels is important.

Coaching Trichologists for Success

Alongside my trichology practices, I also serve as the director of Triborne Marketing Solutions. This role allows me to coach tri-chologists on how to build systems within their business and leverage their income. By sharing my insights and experiences,
I aim to empower fellow trichologists to excel in their careers and make a difference in the lives of their clients. As a certified Trichologist, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and collaboration with experts from various fields. Through networking with dermatologists, nutritionists, gyne-cologists, hematologists, and others, I have been able to offer comprehensive care to my clients and uncover the main causes of their hair loss. My passion for helping trichologists advance in their careers has led me to create coaching programs for them through Triborne Marketing Solutions. By uncovering the pathways to discovering the main cause of hair loss, we can provide effective solutions and support individuals in regaining their confidence through opti-mal hair health.y positioning yourself as a valuable resource, you’ll attract clients who appreciate your expertise and are more likely to become long-term customers.