Trichology: Expert Opinion Business Survey

Today, there is a growing confusion in the marketplace. Our customers are reporting it. Our members are struggling with it. Yet, it seems that nobody wants
to talk about it. At the risk of mixing metaphors, we feel that it’s time to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room.

What is a Certified Trichologist?

Traditionally, it took years of intense dedication and study to earn the title “Certified Trichologist.” Now, one may become certified by any number of official bodies, in as little as just a few days.

This, combined with the myriad of similar-sounding certifications currently being offered only adds to the confusion of the market. And as a result, people suffering with hair loss simply can no longer make an informed decision as to where to get help.

Meanwhile, those who have put in the years of necessary study are finding themselves in a frustrating situation, unnecessarily competing with technicians, armed with fresh certifications from a weekend class.

Expert Opinion Panel Discussion – Unedited

The Link asked our experts:

  • Do you recognize this as an issue today?
  • How does this affect the hair restoration industry?
  • How does this affect people seeking help with their hair loss?
  • What should be done about it?
  • Should there be some form of standardization?

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