Website Page Speed to be a Google Ranking Factor: July 2018

When you Google your business and click on your search listing, how long does it take your home page to load on your computer or smartphone?

It was recently announced by Google that they will be using website page loading speed as an official ranking factor for mobile searches beginning July 2018. This is when the speed update will take place. This news from Google is big for SEO specialists and business owners alike. The Google page speed update will have a focus on mobile search results and according to Google, it will only affect a small number of keywords or search subjects.

What does this mean for Search Engine Rankings?

For search engine optimization specialists, this news is nothing unexpected from Google. In 2010 Google had a similar factor for page speed on a desktop web version, so this doesn’t really come as much of a surprise.

In recent years, Google has made it clear that fast loading websites are a must if you are to rank well in organic search and get more traffic to your website. When the July 2018 Google page speed update goes into effect, some websites that are currently getting a lot of organic traffic, but have a prolonged loading time will more likely than not find that they will be penalized in Google’s search results (if you were at the top of the first page of Google search results, you may find that you’re not there any longer).

Over the past several months, there were a number of actions taken by Google before this upcoming update as a push for website speed, and mobile speed to webmasters that included:

Where is all this going?

Every indication is that this is the year when Google will finally make the merge between desktop ranking factors along with mobile search ranking factors. All indications are that mobile will be the main point of focus when it comes to Google search engine ranking factors.

As mobile rankings aren’t that far away from being implemented, it makes a lots of sense that the speed update in July will have some impact on desktop searches as well.  With July, 2018 just around the corner, now is probably the best time to make sure you are ready for this upcoming change.