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Mr. Oscar R. Urzola has been named president of Hair Visions International and will continue as president of New Image Labs.

Oscar Arurzola

“Under combined leadership, both companies will continue to operate independently of each other as they have in the past with a continued focus on unmatched customer service, sourcing the finest quality products at the best prices while leveraging themselves with a stronger presence to our manufacturers which in turn will benefit you, our valued customers,” the companies’ owners, Hiking Group, said in a news release.

The Hiking Group has decades of hair products manufacturing and export history with its products holding a strong position in the international market.

“Mr. Oscar R. Urzola, president of New Image Labs and Hair Visions International, is a legend in the hair replacement business, having brought new products, innovation and thought leadership to the industry for decades,” said Susan Kettering, executive director of the American Hair Loss Council’s and owner of HRI of Pennsylvania. “It is that robust experience and uncanny ability to drive sales and company performance in any market conditions that Mr. Urzola brings to his new position as president of Hair Visions International.”

The Hair Visions team, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mr. Urzola brings his trademark leadership approach to Hair Visions International of expanding efficiency, eliminating redundant expenditures, streamlining sales and increasing profitability. Having successfully navigated the industry-devastating COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging established relationships with clients and suppliers, Hair Visions International is getting a president who knows how to steer the ship toward calm, prosperous waters.

“Working with Mr. Urzola throughout the years has been a pleasure.” said AHLC Administrator Janine Farro. “He is straightforward and honest.”

Born to Colombian immigrants, Mr. Urzola was first introduced to New Image Labs at the age of 24. During the next 35 years, he moved up the ranks relying on his self-taught skills and resourcefulness.

He has worked in just about every department within New Image Labs, affording him intricate knowledge and hands-on experience in internal processes in the hair replacement business. Mr. Urzola has traveled to all parts of the world and cemented his reputation as a global hair replacement educator and design expert. Be it the factories in China, high-tech companies in Korea, major industry players in South America and the Middle East or the hair replacement icons of Europe, Mr. Urzola is on a handshake basis with them.

While at the helm of New Image Labs, Mr. Urzola discovered and negotiated
an exclusive distribution agreement for ProGen Probe devices considered the most advanced, patented, and AI-integrated hair and scalp analyzers on the market.

Mr. Urzola also connected with reliable vendors to grow the ProGen and Luxia brands, increasing sales while also establishing a network of training seminars by New Image Labs for customers to learn about the product.

In stark contrast to establishing the market for the analyzers, Mr. Urzola also built a market for natural and organic scalp therapy that helps with any scalp condition.

From the beginning of his career, Mr. Urzola’s passion has been research and development to provide new, innovative, and safe products for customers while serving the environment.

“His name stands for cutting-edge, innovative designs,” said AHLC board member Randy Clark, owner of Randy Clark and Associates. “Not only are
many of the industry’s best designs,
like NX GEN, Q-6 & Iconic, the results of his initiatives, but he has also taken a leadership role with regards to safe and healthy accessories, where he takes the greatest care to come up with specialty formulas for adhesives, removers and solvents that are safe to use and are environmentally friendly.”

Among the contributions by Mr. Urzola to the hair replacement and beauty industry is Luxia Artiss Paris. The brand’s success turned it into what is considered one of the best discoveries in the industry.

The New Image team, headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It all started with Mr. Urzola’s vision to offer luxury and high-quality hair replacement products, leading him to add hair extensions to New Image Labs’ portfolio. Under his leadership, New Image Labs turned these extensions into a robust brand identity that we know today.

He chose the name Luxia Artiss Paris to create brand recognition for clients looking for “la crème de la crème” products.

Early on, Mr. Urzola understood that high-quality products work hand-in-hand with robust education, training and support. He developed a focused educational approach to the brand, with dedicated brand ambassadors for each salon that carries the brand that started with keratin-tip hair extensions and now includes tape-in extensions, wet line products, and hair fibers.

For Mr. Urzola, the American dream has come true with decades of hard work, perseverance, sweat and tears. Those close to him know that he is always ready to roll up his sleeves and go down into the trenches of business to get the job done.

“Under Mr. Urzola’s leadership, New Image Labs became a staple in the hair replacement industry, offering top products and top customer service. It is that approach to always putting the customer first while continuously providing the
best products on the market that earned Mr. Urzola and New Image Labs loyal
customers, vendors and industrywide respect,” said AHLC Board President Joseph Ellis, owner of Raleigh Hair
Concepts. “It is this proven success approach that Mr. Oscar R. Urzola is expanding to include Hair Visions International, an approach that will strengthen both companies while increasing sales, improving customer service and continuing to set the standard in the industry.”

“Mr. Oscar R. Urzola is uniquely positioned to lead New Image Labs and Hair Visions International into the future by building a new powerhouse in the hair replacement business,” Clark said.