Technical Classes 10:00 - 12:00

Leveraging Google Analytics

Track website & marketing performance. Learn how to effectively look at data in Google analytics to know whether your website and marketing campaigns are performing effectively.

Elizabeth Suarez, Account Supervision, enCompass Advertising Agency

Alternative Hair Options for Trichotillomania Clients

Trichotillomania, the hair-pulling disorder, affects 1 or 2 in 50 people in their lifetime. Learn how to successfully support this large, but often misunderstood population in the hair loss space. We will review effective consultation approaches, as well as the pros and cons of each alternative hair option.

Dorin Azérad, Stylist, Élan Hair Studio, Houston, Texas

Nicole Maples, Owner, Élan Hair Studio, Houston, Texas

Positioning Your Business to Sell

In this workshop Andreas will walk you through his acquisition of a hair replacement studio sharing practical advice on how you can value and prepare your own business for sale by thinking like a buyer. 

Andreas Kirtley, Owner Allusions Hair Replacement Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio

Communicate, Connect and Close

  • Speak with greater clarity, accuracy, and conviction.
  • Deliver your ‘value message’ with greater confidence and authentic.
  • Listen more to learn more and learn more to EARN more.
  • Improve essential client relationship building skills.
  • Deliver with ease, more effective results driven consultations.
  • Easily open conversations that close more sales.
  • And make more money NOW!!!

Glenn Michael Milliet, Communication, Sales, and Branding Expert, Charlotte, North Carolina

Beyond Hair Restoration

Learn about alternative uses of LLLT including anti aging (fine lines), acne treatments, aches and pains, and more!)

Grant Gunderson, Industry Consultant, Celluma Light Therapy

Advertising on a Budget

Learn how to bring new clients in the door with a budget that works for you. Whether you’re a small company with a few hundred dollars to spend or a bigger company spending thousands per month, we’ll go over how you can best utilize your budget and start expanding your client base.

Lenny Ventimiglia, President, Atlas Digital

Live Demonstrations 1:00 - 5:00

Live Platform Demonstrations

Welcome Reception 7:00 - 9:00