Each vendor will teach a 45 minute class both days.

Minimize Inventory = Maximize Profits

Nazy Curtis

Finding options is one of the most important topics in our industry right now. Learn how to acquire new facts about the importance of working with the right supplier, build your own inventory strategically and how to invest long term in your business to be truly successful.

Nazy Curtis, Owner and CEO of Amani Hair

The Way Forward


Learn how I use On Stage Hair Extensions to create customized hair replacement solutions that will set you apart from the competition. Our innovative and unrivaled application technique makes it the perfect service addition for a more modern approach to addressing your clients’ hair loss needs. Superior quality hair, ethically sourced, expedient and non-damaging.  Our reusable, high quality hair is available in multiple lengths, textures and application methods – making it the most versatile product on the market today.

Bernard Ory, The Profitable Stylist, Owner On Stage Extensions

Approaching Alopecia & DNA Expression

Julie Clarke and Carly Klein

Breaking down hair concerns and why hair loss is trending much younger than ever before.  How to help your clients with the following and what do the treatments do?

  • Pandemic hair loss
  • PRP treatments
  • Exosomes
  • Hair care
  • Rogaine
  • Microneedling
  • SMP/Transplants/Microblading
  • Laser Therapy

Julie Clarke, Certified Nutritionist and Phlebotomist. Carly Klein, Founder and President of National Hair loss Med Aesthetics

Introduction to Cannabis/CBD as a natural treatment for the prevention and management of hair loss. Topics include:

  • Our Endocannabinoid System (ECS)
  • Cannabis/CBD: The Swiss Army Knife of Wholistic Healing
  • How Cannabis/CBD Mirrors the Body’s Own Cannabinoid System
  • Potential Benefits To Fighting Hair Loss
  • Cannabis Products & Delivery Methods
  • Cannabis Myths and Facts
  • Getting Started

Sherri Renée, Master Hair Architect/Designer, Founder of Sherri Renée & Co

How to Grow Your Business

Lenny Ventimiglia

Learn marketing strategies to help you expand your client base and earn more revenue.

Lenny Ventimiglia, President, Atlas Digital

Grafting: The Industry-Leading Application Technique

Baha Alwardi

Sunday: Men’s hair grafting with On Rite’s new Axiom model: the softest and most natural looking hair system.

  • Learn the secrets of the Three Point method for precision grafting on a live model.  
  • Make grafting simple with the most popular and fastest process. 
  • Use the ‘Rite’ techniques with the ‘Rite’ products to get the best results.

Baha Alwardi, Image First Salon and Day Spa

Salon Owner | Hair Replacement Specialist | International Educator | Business Consultant | Board Certified Colorist

Anti Microbial Bondable Toppers

Vicka Khanis and Michael Leigh

Sunday: The business and technical issues of offering Bondable Topper programs to your clients in post-Covid times, have never been so challenging.

  • Supply chain broken. Unreliable deliveries. Generally extended time frames.
  •  Significant Product and Labor Cost increases risk the whole Program business model.
  • Suppose science-based technology could help you make longer service intervals viable.
  • Suppose multiple size off-the-shelf solutions could fill in for custom delivery gaps.
  • Suppose you could redefine requirements and reduce your delivery time back to 8 weeks.• Learn about the benefits of a science-based, anti-microbial bondable that can hand control back to you. Presenting Pür Silver™ only from Joli Caméléon.

Vicka Khanis, Master Stylist, Colorist, Educator, and Platform Artist.

Michael Leigh – Joli Caméléon Founder, CEO, Hair Creations Director & Inventor

Connect Barbering Techniques and Hair Replacement Systems

Celso Enrique and Mary George

Look & learn demonstration on a live model . Watch a transformation on live model, showcasing two different trendy  hairstyles in a record time. Q&A on Hairskeen education, marketing strategy and opportunities. 
Celso Enrique, Master Barber and Stylist
Master Educator for over 15 years in the industry Celso knows it all – from any techniques to any haircuts for men and women. He started working with Hairskeen 4 years ago and quickly added his skills into the hair replacement world.
Mary George, Master Stylist and Extension Specialist
Mary is a third generation cosmetologist and in the hair industry for over 24 years, she is a fully skilled professional as a color expert, a makeup artist and educator, along with an extension expert and now a Hairskeen national educator and technician.

Delivering the Best of Both Worlds including Luxia Artiss

Kristin and Ricky Knowles, Randy Clark, Keith Zimmerman and Mohammad Rahebi

Sunday: We will be delivering on stage with our very own platform artists, the best of both worlds in the hair replacement industry. Where we will help you discover our extensive selection of upscale products ranging from men’s and women’s hair replacement systems, all with a variety of base materials, bonding methods, and hair types featuring models. Upon attendance you will have a chance to win state-of-the-art products, and attendance tickets to our next CrossFit in our West Palm Beach, Florida Headquarters. 

We will also introduce you to the best hair extensions available in the world with celebrity hair stylist Mohammad Rahebi, from Beverly Hills, California. Learn about our unique double-drawn 100% European hair extensions from the hands of one of the top hair stylists today. We will also teach you how to care for hair extensions with our Or & Argan Hair Care Collection, an innovative hair care collection that helps repair, enhance, and preserve hair without weighing it down. Finally, you will be upon the first to learn and have a chance to try to our latest product, Luxia Hair Fibers, and a chance to win a complimentary Nutrifuse or Or & Argan Kit upon attendance.

Kristin and Ricky Knowles, Randy Clark, Keith Zimmerman and Mohammad Rahebi

Rejuvenating Business Growth via Online Video

Elizabeth Suarez

Online Video is an ultra-valuable strategy that brings a TON of upside to rejuvenate business growth (particularly now). Learn:

  • How video viewing has changed in 2022
  • How to leverage Online Video during this election year
  • The buzz around OTT – Fact vs. Fiction
  • Building the most proficient Online Video strategy for your business

Elizabeth Suarez, Account Supervisor, enCompass Adversing Agency

Science and Technology Based Hair

Richard Gizzi

With the slogan “Science and technology based hair”, Hi-Mo has been striving to bring new awareness of hair replacement that is currently missing in the US markets. In this informative session you will learn how both human and synthetic hair is sourced, processed and made into a final product.

Richard Gizzi has over 50 years of global experience in all aspects of the industry.

The Art of Consultation

Starr Fox

This class will be covering the different ways to discover and meet your clients needs, close the sale faster and have a client for life.  We will discuss different visual aids to use and how to use them.  We will also be sharing how to educate your client before they even get in your chair to make the experience even better for you and them.

Starr Fox, National Sales Director

Why trichology treatments are vital to maintaining a healthy and balanced scalp in the hair restoration industry.

Mirko Buetto, CRLAB R&D Manager of Polymeric Membrane and Cosmetic Products Development.

Mirko has a master’s degree in molecular and industrial biotechnology.

  • How to perform a seamless, natural-looking men’s system application
  • Techniques to achieve looks that are fashionable and relevant
  • Overcoming the taboos of past generations

American Hairlines is very proud to be celebrating over 40 years in non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women.  Our longevity is due to the consistent unsurpassed quality, innovative design and superior customer service.

Brandie Reyes, is a successful Hair Replacement Specialist and Stylist from Phoenix, Arizona since 1996. She has traveled North America with American Hairlines since 2005, sharing her passion and vast knowledge of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and American Hairlines products with Industry Professionals.

Grow Your Business Profitably While Transforming Lives

Debby Long and Lance Centofanti

Learn more about the newest customized system from Jon Renau—Cheveux Direct.  

A fully customizable and elevated experience for your clients. Our experts will also walk you through the ordering process, marketing techniques and customer service tips to create a VIP experience for your clients. Transform your knowledge, transform lives.

Debby Long, Owner, Elite Hair Loss Solutions

Lance Centofanti Jon Renau  

Long Hair Bonding is a hair replacement solution available for those wanting a long-lasting alternative without hair restoration surgery or shaving. This technique allows people to have secure, perfectly realistic looking hair 24/7. It is highly rewarding for stylists – both financially and emotionally. We will also discuss the need to have other options for your clients in your studio. 

Shanna Moll, Owner and Founder of Studio You

Let’s Pull Back the Curtain About Social Media Marketing

Jeannie Beirne

We will discuss the factors of social media – The How, What, When, and Why
  • The different social media platforms
  • Importance of branding and engagement
  • Your content and how to showcase your work
  • Q&A
Jeannie Beirne, Hair Wearer, CEO Tabengin Consulting

Achieve a Blended, Natural Look With UltraTress® Extensions and Toppers.

Karen A. Mander

Monday: Seamlessly transform your clients with UltraTress® and set yourself apart from other stylists. Announcing UltraSeamless2 and UltraTop.

  • How to apply UltraSeamless2 tape-in extensions with our newest UltraTop on a live model.
  • Deliver a balanced look of fullness on the crown with volume and length.
  • Set your career on a money-making path with UltraTress®.

Karen A. Mander, Owner Apple Day Spa & Hair Restoration Salon

Color Customization of Fine European

VIcka Khanis

  • Color theory + explanation
  • Mixing color to achieve specific results and color formulation
  • Applying root color and color techniques • Color Correction
  • Foil application + natural highlights
  • Grandma’s remedies
  • Q + A 

Vicka Khanis, Master Stylist, Colorist, Educator, and Platform Artist

What's New in the World of Alternative Human Hair & How to Manage Clients Expectations

Judy Geisinsky

What are your wig clients looking for, and how do you best create loyal, repeat customers? Learn about the newest products, as well as how to help your clients navigate through their wig journey.

Judy Geisinsky, Chief Creative Officer, Milano Collection

Thin Weave Techniques

Doris Yu

Learn the best-kept secret in hair attachment techniques. Doris will share her exclusive secrets to the “Thin Weave” technique during her demonstration. No shaving or glue is necessary! The best attachment for hair extensions, integration, and men’s systems. Lasts 6-12 weeks.

Doris Yu is the owner of three hair replacement salons, as well as the founder of HairArt Products. She has been in the hair replacement industry for 40 years and is excited to share this unique technique with you!

Discover Top-Of-The Line Tools & Products for a Successful Business

Karyna Fields and Kristin Knowles

Monday: What makes a business successful? Learn about our top-of-the-line Pro|Gen brands including Active Care, Fiberbond, Nutrifuse, and Probe and how they can help maximize your profits and help you succeed in the hair industry. In this class you will learn how to analyze your client’s scalp, hair, and cuticle using Pro|Gen Probe devices, find solutions for various scalp and hair issues: dry, damaged hair, oily scalp, dandruff, sensitive scalp, hair loss, and product buildup with our Active Care In-Salon Treatment. We will go over one of the most successful lines of hair care products developed specifically for the hair replacement industry Nutrifuse; and teach you about Fiberbond hair fibers, and how to apply to male and female clients. Upon attendance you will have a chance to win complimentary top-of-the-line products. To learn more, ask us how to sign up to our CrossFit on the Road training. 

Karyna Fields and Kristin Knowles


Cassandra Angelucci

Taking care of your guest with trichotillomania and other body focused repetitive behaviors.  Discussion and guidance on client consultation approach for success and client comfort. Gain a true understanding of trichotillomania so that you can empathize with your guest.

  • Gentle words
  • Why do they pull?
  • What’s my BFRB?
  • Understanding triggers
  • The steps are backwards
  • It’s a journey, not an end goal
  • Using your creativity
  • Learn from your clients
  • Make it enjoyable and fun
  • Normalize their experience
  • You can bond over hair to truly restore natural hair.

Cassandra Angelucci​, Cassie’s, IHI Educator & Owner of Love and Hair Peace Hair Salon

Shedding Light On Hair Loss

Grant Gunderson & Celluma Light Therapy

In this class you will be introduced to the Celluma RESTORE. Unique in design, the RESTORE is FDA-cleared for hair restoration and much more. This class will demonstrate:
•Before and after images using Celluma RESTORE
•How it works – the science
•Treatment protocols
•Integrating Celluma RESTORE into your practice
•Celluma Retail, Rental and Affiliate Programs

Grant Gunderson, Industry Consultant