Inventory for Every Budget

Nazy Curtis

Giving your client options is very important in our industry. Learn how important it is to work with the right supplier, build your own inventory in a smart way. Investing in the right inventory is one of the most important factors for your business. We invite you to learn how to put a very minimum of your hard earned money back to your business to maximize your inventory for any client with any budget

Nazy Curtis, Owner and CEO of Amani Hair

Learn how I use On Stage Hair Extensions to create customized hair replacement solutions that will set you apart from the competition. See how hair extensions can:

  • Add hair to a hair system for highlights or lowlights
  • Be the transition before a full system is needed
  •  Be more profitable than any other service with the right technique

Bernard Ory, The Profitable Stylist, Owner On Stage Extensions

Approaching Alopeica and DNA Expression

Julie Clarke and Carly Klein

Breaking down hair concerns and why hair loss is trending much younger than ever before.  How to help your clients with the following and what do the treatments do?

  • Weight loss induced hair loss
  • PRP treatments
  • Exosomes
  • Hair care
  • Rogaine
  • Microneedling
  • SMP/Transplants/Microblading
  • Laser Therapy

Julie Clarke, Certified Nutritionist and Phlebotomist. Carly Klein, Founder and President of National Hair Loss Med Aesthetics

Metrics That Matter

Lenny Ventimiglia

A class designed with you in mind – Focusing on setting, measuring and tracking sales and marketing goals to grow your company. By identifying and simplifying important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), we can build a roadmap to success for business growth.

Lenny Ventimiglia, President, Atlas Digital

The Science Of Bacteria Management In Bondable Toppers


  • Why odor and skin irritation occur in some bondable clients’ toppers between service visits.
  • What causes the odor and skin irritation.
  • Microbes:  what they are and the damage they do.
  • How the problem occurs to your Clients, their loved ones, and their business colleagues.
  • How the problem occurs to your Technicians/Stylists.
  • What has been done about it in the past.
  • The deficiencies of past “solutions”.
  • A science-based approach to create superior anti-microbial / anti-bacterial protection.
  • The business case for providing an effective anti-bacterial, anti-odor bondable topper.
  • Case examples.


Vicka Khanis, Master Stylist, Colorist, Educator, and Platform Artist.

Michael Leigh – Joli Caméléon Founder, CEO, Hair Creations Director & Inventor

Why Are We Losing It

Colleen Camp

Navigating the mosaic of different types of hair loss for our clients has never been more unique than it is today.  Understanding the differences between PCOS, Post-Partum, TE, Alopecia Areata, trichotillomania, COVID shedding, and cancer related hair loss conditions offers salon professionals an optimum environment for sharing expert knowledge with their clients.  This 1-hour session shares the ever-changing landscape regarding types of hair loss, treatment, and prevention.

Colleen Camp is Global Education Director  for BosleMD. Camp became a sought-after expert regarding COVID hair loss during and post pandemic. She shares her knowledge of different types of hair loss, treatment, and prevention with the professional salon industry.

Everything You Need to Maximize Your Profits and Have a Successful Hair Replacement Business

Karyna Fields & Debbie Metz

Join our class to learn the keys to success in the hair replacement industry. We will introduce you to our top Pro|Gen brands, including Active Care, Fiberbond, Nutrifuse, and Probe. Mrs. Karyna Fields will demonstrate their effectiveness, while Ms. Debbie Metz will guide you in completing custom order forms. By implementing these tips, you can maximize profits and succeed in the industry. Topics covered include analyzing clients’ scalp, hair, and cuticle with Pro|Gen Probe devices, addressing various scalp and hair issues with Active Care In-Salon Treatment, utilizing Nutrifuse hair care products, applying Fiberbond and Luxia Artiss hair fibers, and completing custom orders efficiently. Attendees have a chance to win top products and preview our advanced AI Scalp Grader camera. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to learn about our latest product launching at the American Hair Loss Council and win a Nutrifuse or Or & Argan Kit.

Karyna Fields is an industry professional who has been with New Image Labs for over 6 years and continues to push us forward with her innovative ideas and customer service. With extensive expertise and a wealth of knowledge, Karyna is instrumental in introducing and promoting our top-of-the-line Pro|Gen brands and Luxia Artiss Hair Extensions.
Debbie Metz has been proudly representing New Image Labs for over 30 years. Debbie’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence have earned her a reputation for delivering outstanding service and ensuring successful outcomes for both the company and its clients.


Elizabeth Suarez

Online Video is an ultra-valuable strategy that brings a TON of upside to rejuvenate business growth (particularly now). Learn:

  • How video viewing has changed in 2022
  • How to leverage Online Video during this election year
  • The buzz around OTT – Fact vs. Fiction
  • Building the most proficient Online Video strategy for your business

Elizabeth Suarez, Account Supervisor, enCompass Adversing Agency

Building Trust & Setting Realistic Expectations in the Social Media & Post COVID Era

Jerry Holt and Jessica Catalde

Are you ready for the hair replacement revolution?  This course is designed to help you rethink, support, or improve client consultation practices for clients interested in alternative hair options.  Whether you’re a hair replacement expert or just starting out, this collaborative class will help you explore best practices to deliver outstanding consultations that inspire confidence in your clients.

Jerry Holt & Jessica Catalde

The Anchor System of the Hair

Dr. Martina Candido

What Happens When The Hair Falls Out? 
What really happens when hair falls out? How does the fall occur? What tissue the hair is wrapped in and how it deteriorates and why
We will find out together in our training sessions!
Dr. Martina Candido is a Biotech specialized with a Master Degree in Trichological science at the University of Florence (Italy). She has suffered from alopecia areata and for more than a decade now. Her mission in life is to help people that suffer from hair loss and related issues.

Hair and Science Technology

Richard Gizzi

With the slogan “Science and technology based hair”, Hi-Mo has been striving to bring new awareness of hair replacement that is currently missing in the US markets. In this informative session you will learn how both human and synthetic hair is sourced, processed and made into a final product.

Richard Gizzi has over 50 years of global experience in all aspects of the industry.

How to Deliver the Modern Look

Ricky Knowles

Learn from one of the industry’s best hair professionals, on how to deliver a modern look on male and female clients with Mr. Ricky Knowles, at our booth. We will help you discover our extensive selection of upscale products ranging from men’s and women’s hair replacement systems, all with a variety of base materials, bonding methods, and hair types. Upon attendance you will have a chance to win state-of-the-art products, and attendance tickets to our next CrossFit at our West Palm Beach, Florida Headquarters.  

Ricky Knowles is the owner and operator of a successful hair and wellness clinic in Houston Texas, where he helps hair replacement clients around the country to help restore their confidence, while helping others succeed in the industry through training and skill specific classes.  

An in-depth exploration of the characteristics and requirements of textured hair.

Elisabetta Benini, CRLAB Trichology Team Leader, Laboratory pharmacist & postgraduate masters degree with honors in Cosmetology at COSMAST University

Professional Trichological Consultation: Elevate Your Business To The Next Level

Elisabetta Benini

Learn all the steps for a successful CRLAB client consultation, Trico test, scalp treatments and a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, careful assessment of the scalp and hair, and tailored recommendations for scalp treatments and hair care products.

Elisabetta Benini, CRLAB Trichology Team Leader, Laboratory pharmacist & postgraduate masters degree with honors in Cosmetology at COSMAST University

  • How to perform a seamless, natural-looking men’s system application
  • Techniques to achieve looks that are fashionable and relevant
  • Overcoming the taboos of past generations

American Hairlines is very proud to be celebrating over 40 years in non-surgical hair replacement systems for men and women.  Our longevity is due to the consistent unsurpassed quality, innovative design and superior customer service.

Brandie Reyes, is a successful Hair Replacement Specialist and Stylist from Phoenix, Arizona since 1996. She has traveled North America with American Hairlines since 2005, sharing her passion and vast knowledge of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and American Hairlines products with Industry Professionals.

Exceeding Guests Expectations: When You Give the Best, You Receive the Best

Tony Sansone

Crafting a truly phenomenal guest experience should be at the forefront for your entire team, whether they’re dealing with new or repeat guests. Create and maintain a great guest experience by setting and managing expectations from the moment someone hears about your business, to their follow-up appointment, and beyond. You never know what creating a memorable encounter can do for not only the guest, but for your business.

In this class we will go over:

  • Setting appointment expectations
  • Educating on products and services
  • How to build the guest experience before they walk in the door
  • & More!

Tony Sansone, Trainer and Education. As  part of the Education Team at MSI, Tony was previously a member of our Client Engagement Team, where he worked hands-on with business owners to ensure their ongoing success with Meevo.

Tape Stacked Bonds

Caiden Britt

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to hair replacement and its coinciding bonding methods. In this class, discover an innovative technique that can be added to your arsenal of attachment options when working with your favorite toppers from Jon Renau. Caiden’s revolutionary Tape Stack Bond is a modern approach to the traditional concept of long hair bonding; saving not only time, but the frustration that sometimes occurs when working with messy adhesives.

Caiden Britt, Hair Replacement Education Specialist

Consultation and Closing Mastery

Glenn Michael Milliet

Richard Gizzi has over 50 years of global experience in all aspects of the industry.

This content rich interactive class is for stylist and salon owners, both new and experienced, looking to improve their ability to communicate, connect, and close consultations that deliver greater value to their clients all while producing higher profitability for both stylist and salon, all without pushy old school selling techniques.  

Glenn Michael Milliet, Communication, Sales, and Business Building Expert

Power Up Your Social Media Strategy

Jeannie Beirne

Discover the Impact of Video Content for Unparalleled Engagement and Conversion!”
  • Enhanced Emotional Connection – why it is important
  • Tik Tok vs. Instagram- audience demographics and how to use
  • Trending audio vs. original audio- how and when to use
  • Applications- ones that are available and that we recommend
  • Q&A
Jeannie Beirne, Hair Wearer, CEO Tabengin Consulting

Introduction to Women's Hair Replacement

Baha Alwardi

It does not matter how long you have been the industry, or how many women’s client you have, there is always room to learn different techniques. A good foundation is the key to a successful relationship. I have been teaching this class for many years and it has evolved since I learned the method. I discovered why women won’t take the next step, upgrade from “Long Hair Bonding” to a better alternative method of attachment. “Long hair bonding” is only an introduction. Learn my three dot method of application and gain a women client for as long as you are in business.

Baha Alwardi, Master Stylist

Introduction to Women’s Diffuse Alopecia

Diane Donofrio

Diffuse hair loss is affecting women more often than ever, causing a great deal distress and self esteem issues. The causes are numerous and complex, and they need to be understood in order to offer a proper solution. Join Diane in her quest to help women with diffused Alopecia. Learn, inside and out, the life cycle of a hair system and the reasons why so many women will face diffuse alopecia in their lifetime. She will present the most common causes and solutions to help you, as a nonmedical professional, to properly advise and provide her with a path to healthier hair, improving her quality of life.

Diane Donofrio, CEO, Novera International

Learn How to Meet Your Clients’ Needs in a Fraction of the Time

Judy Geisinsky

As hair loss becomes more prevalent, the array of alternative hair products offered has become more complex. Customers no longer want or expect one-piece-fits-all solutions.  Customers have become more demanding in their specific wig and topper construction and other alternative hair details.  At the same time, most clients can’t afford the time nor do they have the patience for the traditional custom ordering lead time. Learn how to adapt to your clients’ needs in a quick and efficient way that allows you to better service them and fill their orders in a fraction of the time.

Judy Geisinsky, Chief Creative Officer, Milano Collection

Thin Weave Techniques

Doris Yu

Learn the best-kept secret in hair attachment techniques. Doris will share her exclusive secrets to the “Thin Weave” technique during her demonstration. No shaving or glue is necessary! The best attachment for hair extensions, integration, and men’s systems. Lasts 6-12 weeks.

Doris Yu is the owner of three hair replacement salons, as well as the founder of HairArt Products. She has been in the hair replacement industry for 40 years and is excited to share this unique technique with you!

Connecting with Clients

Sara Micallef

Fine-tune your ability to connect with clients! Provide clients with the highest level of care and support by exhibiting a compassionate and empathetic approach, ensuring that each client feels comfortable, well-informed, and confident throughout their hair restoration journey. Along with consistently demonstrating a high level of technical skill, professionalism and work ethic – we will highlight how we can show a genuine commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Sara Micallef, Founder of Project Hair Co