Understanding hair growth cycles give comfort to clients

By Jessica Catalde, Stylist Educator, International Hairgoods

Hair loss is typically experienced differently by every client. Some lose actual hair strands. Others lose the thickness and integrity of their hair strands. Some experience fine, weak, and brittle hair and many see a combination of things.

It is important for hair pros to understand hair growth cycles — not only for hair growth knowledge but also for hair loss knowledge. Offering hair loss solutions will create lifelong clients. Hair loss may be progressive over time or can happen much more rapidly. It is a comforting feeling for clients to know that their hair pro can address all of their hair needs. 

For the American Hair Loss Council Hair Now 2022 Conference, International Hairgoods offered in-person Micro Point Solutions training, which covers technical, hands-on, business discussion, and client consultation discussion. the training also covered a range of hair loss solutions for clients who may not be ready for hair replacement services.  

Micro Point Links are essential “extensions for the top of the head,” delivering scalp coverage, volume, and additional hair to conceal thinning and sparse hair. Micro Point Links are knotted to the client’s growing hair and grow out with the client’s own hair strand. No adhesives or solvents are needed. The focus of the Micro Point Links is on the hairline, top of the head, and crown areas. Although Micro Point Links do not stop the hair loss process, they will make a visible transformation in the areas they are placed in as little as one appointment. 

Micro Point Accents focus on the perimeter areas of the head — adding 100 hairs to a small grouping of growing hair. Again, no adhesives or solvents are needed. Accents are used to fill in the density gaps in areas where the hair is sparse or broken. The Accent is attached to a small group of growing hairs and is locked in place. Accents are lightweight and help to protect the integrity of the client’s growing hair. Accents will not cause tension, pulling, or damage to the client’s hair. 

Strand Builder Hair Building Fibers are the perfect addition to finish any style for all hair and scalp types. Strand Builder can create scalp coverage, instant volume, and a thicker appearance at the root of the hair. With a simple before and after picture, Strand Builder will sell itself. An awesome retail opportunity, and a great way to give client’s the ability to turn an “OK” hair day into a phenomenal hair day.

Jerry Hold, left, of IHI, and stylist Cassandra Angelucci work on a model Jessica Catalbe.