By Bernard Ory,
The Profitable Stylist and Owner, OnStage Extensions

There is a famous proverb often attributed to the ancient philosopher Plato that essentially states necessity is the mother of all invention. Well, Plato did not consider modern capitalism, did he?

In today’s economy, we are bombarded with inventions that are marketed as revolutionary and essential to maintaining relevance in our field. But are they essential? Probably not.

Particularly in the hair replacement field, my personal experience is that many new techniques or products fall short of producing the dramatic results promised. The time, money and intellectual capital invested in creating these new trends would have been better spent on utilizing existing market products and striving to become proficient in already proven industry techniques.

Exploring the Temptations of Innovation

In the constantly evolving world of hair replacement, it is easy to fall prey to the allure of new techniques and products that promise to revolutionize the industry. However, as a seasoned professional, I have witnessed countless instances where these innovations failed to deliver on their extravagant claims. This is not to say that all new inventions are ineffective, but it is essential to approach them with caution and a discerning eye. Otherwise, we risk losing the trust of our clients as we subject them to inferior practices. In addition, we waste valuable time, money and intellectual capital investing in techniques that ultimately do little to further our industry, integrity or profitability.

The Power of Mastery

Instead of constantly chasing after the next big thing, it is crucial for hair replacement specialists to invest their time and resources in mastering existing techniques. By becoming experts in proven methods, professionals can consistently deliver exceptional results to their clients. Doing the hard work of honing one’s skills and perfecting the art of hair replacement will always yield better outcomes than chasing fleeting trends.

Consistency and Quality

The hair replacement industry depends on trust and customer satisfaction. Clients seek not only immediate results but also long-term solutions that provide natural-looking and sustainable hair replacement options. Professionals can ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction by refining traditional techniques rather than latching on to unproven innovations.

Research and Evaluation

Before incorporating any new technique or product into their repertoire, it is vital for hair replacement specialists to conduct thorough research and evaluation. This includes studying the experiences of other professionals, consulting with colleagues, and critically analyzing the claims made by manufacturers. Taking the time to assess the efficacy and reliability of new innovations can save both time and money in the long run.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Instead of competing for the latest trends, professionals in the hair replacement industry should prioritize collaboration and knowledge sharing. By exchanging ideas, experiences and best practices, experts can collectively enhance the field and elevate the standards of hair replacement. This collective effort ultimately will benefit clients by ensuring they receive the best solutions for their needs.

Invest in Yourself First


In a world where innovation is constantly marketed as a necessity, the hair replacement industry must resist the temptation to blindly embrace new techniques and products. Instead, professionals should invest in their own expertise and experience, striving to master existing techniques and deliver consistent, high-quality results. By focusing on proven methods, conducting thorough research, and fostering collaboration, the industry can grow and flourish, providing clients with the reliable and effective solutions they deserve. Sometimes the best way forward is to look back and perfect what we already have.