Integrating Hair Replacement Into a Full Service Salon

The Rewarding Transition

by Rosario Greco, Owner, Rosario Greco Styles Ltd., Port Perry, Ontario

Some people want money, clothes and cars, but some just want hair more than anything.

A few years ago, my wife realized she was losing a little bit of her hair. And as scary as it can be to admit, she did. And she needed a solution. At the time, our salon didn’t have the proper resources to help her. It’s hard to truly understand the importance of having attainable resources for hair loss until you’ve been pushed into the world of hair loss. And that’s when we decided to integrate it into our business.

Integrating a hair loss clinic into an already existing hair salon was simple, but it wasn’t’ exactly easy. Being a hairdresser for over 30 years, I only thought one way. These clients won’t be coming in for a look, they’re coming in for hair. And you’ll be offering hair options to all sorts of different people, of different ages, with different ailments and situations.

Merging hair loss into your expertise challenges you in many ways. First of all, you have to know how to advertise for it. Local magazines, word of mouth, mention it to your clients. Trying to get clients or potential clients to admit they have a hair loss issue is the first obstacle. It’s hard to build a clientele when no one is comfortable enough to come out about it. They might not know how completely feasible it is to fix their problem just by talking about it. That’s why it’s important to also promote your hair loss clinic as early detection and prevention. This is more likely to get clients in the chair for a scope.

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