By Paul Albee, ATS Design Group

One of the reasons video is so emotionally compelling is that it tells a story in which viewers can become emotionally involved. Stories evoke emotions and create connections that people remember.

Business is about relationships. And attracting and retaining customers, and by extension, customer referrals is, at the end of the day, about trust and authenticity. Video has been shown over and over again to be one of the best ways to build trust in you, your studio and your passion for helping others.

Video provides a simple way to access information quickly and easily, which is why it has grown in popularity in such a short period, especially on social media. From a business owner’s perspective, the numbers are impressive: Video has been shown to increase brand awareness by up to 54% and lead generation by up to 66% per year.

And creating quick, informative videos has become so easy that there is no reason not to take advantage of the medium to help boost trust in your studio and increase your brand recognition and authority in the eyes of clients and prospects alike.

Video’s Effectiveness in Brand Building

Video is extremely effective in building brand awareness and brand recall. Images, testimonials, success stories, product demonstrations, and explanations demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and work together to capture the attention of prospective clients and help them to get to know and trust you. Video also works to generate brand recall, fostering trust and brand loyalty. This can be helpful for independent studio owners who are competing with well-known national brands in their marketplace.

What Types of Videos Should I Make?

The most effective brand-building videos are not outright sales pitches, but rather are focused on increasing awareness and trust. One video might be 90 seconds on the difference between human hair and synthetic hair. Another might focus on explaining what a topper is. Yet another might be a testimonial of a teenage trichotillomania sufferer or how to achieve the latest men’s hairstyle. Perhaps a 1-minute video on how a men’s hair system is attached. Each allows the viewer to get to know you and trust you and remember you rather than some faceless corporate name.

Intro Videos

Intro videos help make a quick yet lasting impression. Used on your website, they can quickly engage and involve visitors on specific topics. A good intro video on your women’s hair replacement page, for example, can help keep visitors on your site and help make a positive first impression. One type of video that resonates with new website visitors is a short video of no more than 90 seconds explaining what happens during an initial consultation since these consultations are fraught with emotion, uncertainty and nervousness.

With a well-thought-out intro video, you can instantly start to build connections with your prospective client, putting them at ease and helping them to trust that they are in good hands when they call you.

Explainer Videos

Another type of video is the explainer video, which is a quick, highly effective way to again build trust with prospective clients early on in their journey of discovery.

The best explainer videos are short — no more than a minute or two — that quickly define a problem and explain the solution. You can use this opportunity to empathize and show how you help people overcome specific challenges.

One example of an explainer video is how, over the past several months, some studio owners have taken the time to sit down and talk on camera about the effects of telogen effluvium as it relates to long-term COVID 19 survivors and the available options they offer to help clients overcome temporary or more permanent hair loss.

Other explainer videos might demonstrate how and why we take a mold, or how to touch up a front hairline between visits to your studio.

Educational Videos

Educational videos help build trust. Sometimes it’s easier to explain how specific solutions work to help your audience understand what it is that you do. 

Educational videos can target specific customer demographics such as chemotherapy patients and why they need to see you before they start treatment.  These types of videos show in a visual and compelling way that you understand what your clients are going through and that you have the knowledge and skill to help them.

Testimonial Videos

It is impossible to overstate the importance of social proof in generating trust. And there is no better way to do this than to gather testimonials from your existing clients. Testimonials are tried and true tools for building trust. In terms of length, testimonials are best when they don’t go beyond about 3 minutes. 

Testimonial videos are powerful because they are someone else’s opinion, not yours. Testimonials and reviews are compelling for new customers and allow them to connect and identify with another person who had the same problem they are experiencing and see what you have been able to do for them, giving them confidence and trust in you and your studio.

General Video Tips

Creating a strong video library for your studio is an ongoing process. Regardless of the specific type of video you create, here are a few tips to ensure long-term success:

• Identify your audience and their needs. Create a list of the most often asked questions from your initial consultations and answer those questions directly.

• Define your goal for each video. Never cover more than one topic per video. Keep it simple, concise, clear, and to the point.

• Make your content shine. Be genuine and sincere.

• Forget the “marketing lingo.” You are “selling” two things in each video you produce: honesty and sincerity.

• Share your videos. Social media is your friend, and that includes creating your own YouTube or Vimeo channel, embedding videos on your website, and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram.

• Watch your video’s performance over time. Keep track of how many views they get.

• Always include some form of a call to action with each video you publish.

Boost Brand Loyalty with Video

Brand building is something that never ends. Loyal customers are the lifeblood of small businesses. Not only will clients return again and again, but they will provide you with an ongoing source of new client referrals and new business. Focus on creating videos that generate positive experiences for your viewers. By creating (and continuing to create) videos that build trust and increase the value of your brand, you can continue to grow a loyal client following.