We all love our pets. So, let’s get to know each other. Meet the Pets lets you show off your favorite fur baby, fish, or any other loving creature in your world.

Pet Owner’s Name: Jessica Lawrence

Cosmetologist, stylist, colorist, wig fitter, A Special Place, Greensboro, North Carolina

Pet’s Name: Beau Beau Lawrence

Pet’s Age: 6 months

Pet’s Breed: Shorthair Maine Coon mix

What does your pet add to your life?:

He has helped my mom and me get through the loss of our 14-year-old short-haired female cat Heather. He is so loving, sweet, and sometimes silly but always appreciative. He is a rescue whom I found as a 2-month-old kitten in the parking lot of my old job, drinking out of the gutter and I could not leave him there.

He is always making us laugh. It is entertaining to watch him play and learn new things or places to explore the larger he has grown.

Does your pet come to work with you?

No. If he did, I think he would quickly end up destroying a wig by “playing with it.”

What is your pet’s superpower?

Being able to jump straight up in the air and run like The Flash.