We all love our pets. So, let’s get to know each other. Meet the Pets lets you show off your favorite fur baby, fish or any other loving creature in your world.

Pet Owner’s Name: Christian “Tiago” Santiago, Owner, Procapilar By Tiago,
Miami, Florida

Pet’s Name: Bruno and Piki, the
best assistants!

Pet’s Age: 11 years and 9 years, respectively.

Pet’s Breed: Terrier mix and Bichon
mix, respectively

What does your pet add to your life?:

They both are the best part of our day. Nothing is more rewarding than coming home after a long day of work and seeing them both waiting at the door. They are our best assistants.

Does your pet come to work with you?

They both come every Friday to the salon and their part is to greet every client who walks in and then sit next to them to keep them company while they get embellished by Tiago.

What is your pet’s superpower?

Bruno is the best guardian dog, Piki’s superpower is her ears, which you’ll notice in the photo.