We all love our pets. So, let’s get to know each other. Meet the Pets lets you show off your favorite fur baby, fish or any other loving creature in your world.

Pet Owner’s Name: Susan Kettering
Owner, HRI of Pennsylvania and Executive Director of the AHLC

Pet’s Name: Bella

Pet’s Age: 3½ years old

Pet’s Breed: Micro-mini
Golden Doodle

What does your pet add to your life?:

She adds so much joy and inner peace. She is just a happy little girl. She also thinks she’s a cat. You should see how she rolls around and paws her toys — she was raised with them, so I think she may have a small identity crisis!

Does your pet come to work with you?

No. She’s afraid of the elevator.

What is your pet’s superpower?

She thinks she’s a 200-pound watch dog but only behind the safety of the front door.