A solution that covers all types of hair loss

By Bernard Ory, Owner, The Profitable Stylist, Slidell, Louisiana

Ever mix hair replacement with hair extensions? If you’re not providing extensions as an option along with “top of the head” solutions, you’re missing many opportunities to help people.

I know the reason most hair replacement studios didn’t do extensions for years was because of the long application time. Today with faster techniques employed in modern studios, not offering the service is like throwing away money. 

The fact is, most women are proud to wear hair extensions. They’re not too excited, however, to wear hair replacement or a wig. As an industry, we are changing this stigma slowly, but while we are here, realize that when you market hair extensions, you’ll get more interest in general. If you market both, you have a bigger chance to solve a hair problem and close the sale. 

One example of how we mix the two is we shipped overnight a top of the head stock hair system in 12-14 inches and then use extensions just under that, from temple to temple with a weft, tape, or strands, in a longer length than the hair system. Generally, extensions are stocked and available in longer lengths that can be layered in for a longer look. 

Another way we mix them is by using extension strands in the form of keratin, itips, or beaded strands, to add dimension to a hair system, and to create highlights or low lights without chemicals. Often a hair system doesn’t lift well with bleach, so we use extensions instead. Even if we want lowlights or darker pieces in the hair, it’s a much better, non-fade option.

Occasionally we will add volume to an actual hair system with all these techniques or just a weft or two around the whole hair system.