Supply chain, inventory, schedules find new normal

By Joseph Ellis, AHLC Board Member

Joseph Ellis, left, president of the board of the American Hair Loss Council, recently spent time with Oscar Urzola, president of New Image Labs touring the facility and attending classes.

Our lives are beginning to find a new normal. We all have had struggles supplying our clients with what they need since the pandemic. My recent visit to New Image Labs for the restarting of its educational classes called Crossfit was a welcoming sight.

The two-day class starts with learning to use scalp analyzing technology. We then went on to learn about their Fiberbond product, which includes a rechargeable device that allows you to control the amount of hair fibers applied. The fibers are made of wool instead of synthetic materials. Next, we moved on to learning about applying the Luxia Artiss brand hair extensions for move volume and/or color dimension. Educators Randy Clark and Ricky Knowles were there to demonstrate removing a hair system. They showed how to clean the scalp, prep the unit and apply the new hair system using beautiful blending and cutting techniques.

All the while we were all networking and sharing our experiences to learn and grow our own techniques. I found the New Image team to be accommodating and eager to help with any issues. Oscar Urzola, the president, is excited about the future of the hair restoration industry and said he works tirelessly to discover innovations around the world. Oscar is someone who finds it important to surround himself with the best of the best and in return says that you will attract clients who want the same. 

He gave an energetic tour of his offices and warehouse. You can see the pride in his eyes as he explains the office protocols at New Image Labs. While in the warehouse, I found it reassuring that the level of procedures for fulfilling one order goes through four different signatures before it can be shipped out to the customer. Personally, I was a bit shocked to see all the new hair stock he has now. I kept saying, “We have hair.” I also saw a large row of new shipment boxes not added to inventory. I felt like a little kid in a candy store seeing all the hair.

Oscar Urzola shows some of the inventory at his New Image Lab facility.

New Image also let me know that their custom orders are coming within three months, which is great to hear. I was unable to attend the second day of classes, but it was designed to give students a hands-on experience with hair and mannequins. While also helping to understand adhesives and how to market to clients.

The classes and the site tour showed me something close to normalcy and with it a good dose of hospitality.  

Educator Randy Clark returned to the New Image Labs classroom for hand-on demonstrations.