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By Carley Klein, Owner, NHL Med Aesthetics

Carly Klein

Watch any forensic mystery and you know that an entire case can be solved with a single strand of hair.  Why? A hair follicle contains cellular material rich in DNA and can tell the unique story of your body from the last 90 days. 

Through hair follicle analysis, you can see your client’s specific vitamin deficiencies, environmental interferences, up to 400 food intolerances, gut and cardiovascular health, and beyond what a blood lab can determine.

Educators from NHL Med Aesthetics, which has been in the hair loss industry for more than a decade, recently detailed the cutting-edge hair follicle analysis that has opened a much-needed service opportunity within the professional hair care and restoration industry.

When it comes to hair loss, it’s not just about identifying the challenges, it is also about providing the solutions to address those issues, which is why NHLMA prioritizes education for industry professionals so that they too can offer solutions to their clients.

it didn’t matter what the subject matter was, classes at AHLC HairNow 2022 were full.

NHLMA Medical Academy is a global training center for hair loss and wellness. Trainings equip image professionals with the knowledge and strategy to treat clients from the inside out using follicular assessment. 

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