Letting go of ego is a hard step to take

By Maxime Dalens, COO, HairSkeen, Bedford, Massachusetts

In the past four years, we’ve trained more than 500 hairstylists and barbers in the U.S. in the basics of men’s hair replacement.

Being able to share our knowledge with talented professionals to develop a stronger market and a better recognition of what men’s hair replacement truly is has been a fantastic journey for us. It comes with its share of challenges, and we have adapted and modified our curriculum to overcome some difficulties that our students encountered.

Working Through the Fear of Failure

Most of our students are well-established professionals and successful business owners. It is not an easy task to start as a beginner again. You need to let go of your ego and accept that you won’t be a master at your craft like you are in your own environment.

We help them overcome the fear of failure. We developed a two-step application that makes the installation of a men’s hair replacement a 100% success every time with each client.

After that, it’s just a question of practice —  doing it over and over, learning the tips and tricks that will make the process a breeze with time and experience. We advise our students to offer one or two clients a discounted price so they can practice before offering this new service at a full price to other clients.

The Challenge of Learning Something New

Learning something new may seem attractive, especially when you consider that future skill is a great new revenue stream for your business, but it’s not that simple.

Again, most our students are experienced business owners, and they make good money with their actual skills such as color, balayage, hair extensions, etc. Adding a new skill set is interesting, but you need to be willing to spend the time necessary to master it.

Learning a new skill requires will, commitment, and dedication. Most business owners are already too busy to spend the time necessary to add that new skill. They need to have an emotional connection to it. Clearly, hair replacement for men or women isn’t for everybody but the ones who will succeed will feel a degree of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Celso Enrique, right, an education with HairSkeen offers class instruction.

Promoting The New Service

Obviously using your own social media platform is a great option. There are always people interested in getting their hair back. If you are in a salon that is mostly women-oriented, finding men’s hair replacement clients may be a struggle. The solution: We allow our students to use our social media campaigns and use our marketing. 

We’ve helped countless salon and barber shop owners get their first clients and that is the first step to success in the men’s hair replacement business. Just Do It! Once you’ve started you won’t stop.