By Lenny Ventiimiglia

When people in their 20s or 30s realize they are starting to lose their hair, they usually fire up their device and launch Google.

What are they searching for? Common queries include, “Why am I starting to lose my hair?”, “How to prevent hair loss” and “Early signs of balding.”

And it is in those queries that you will find the best opportunity to get your message in front of a younger generation and grow your business.

It is in Google search histories where you can often find their most intimate thoughts. People will type things into that search bar that they wouldn’t even say out loud. Because you’d be hard-pressed to find a young adult without a device that uses Google, Google ads are the most effective way to get your message in front of a targeted 20- or 30-year-old audience.

Targeting the Right Audience

One of the top benefits of using Google ads is the ability to home in on your target market. Unlike traditional advertising methods, you can get specific on who sees your ads and who doesn’t. If your goal is to increase traffic from younger adults who are just starting to experience hair loss, you can set up a campaign to target that exact market. You can also create different advertising campaigns for groups of people experiencing different stages of hair loss. Google lets you narrow down your market by age, gender, ZIP code, personal interests and search history, income level, and more.

Capture Their Attention

A common stereotype of adults in their 20s or 30s today is that they have a shorter attention span than other generations. True or not, we have a chance to capitalize on a shorter attention span through Google ads. When someone types in a search, they are actively seeking an answer. Through an effective Google ad campaign, you can be the first result that pops up in less than a second. Instant answers, and minimal work by the consumer. Your message can be concise and tailored to your target market.  

You can help yourself appear more credible to a tech-savvy generation by having a visually appealing landing page with testimonials and examples of your work. The consumer isn’t going to spend all day staring at your page, so it’s probably best to keep it simple and to the point.

Google advertising can be a complex system to navigate and use correctly. When done properly, it can completely change the way you bring in new business. If your advertising campaign is created by somebody without much experience, it could end up costing.