Non-Surgical Hair Restoration FAQ

Non-Surgical Facts and Questions

Can They Appear Natural?

Modern day advancements in products along with the technical skills of an experienced specialist are essential. The most important factor is the client him/herself. He or she must spend the required time to keep the hair addition looking its best.

How Much Do They Cost?

Depending on the experience and knowledge of the specialist, the materials and design, the price can range from $750.00 to $2,500.00 for a quality custom-made hair addition. Although insurance does not cover male or female pattern hair loss, it may cover the cost of a hair addition when the hair loss is due to disease or abnormalities.

What Is Best, Human Hair or Synthetic?

The choice depends entirely on the attachment technique and life-style of the individual. Either human hair or synthetic, or a combination of both can be used successfully when matched to the proper individual. A competent specialist will advise you as to the proper components for your individual life-style.

Are Hair Additions Made for Both Men and Women?

Yes, with significant increases in sales by the female consumer. Instead of opting for wigs, women with female pattern hair loss are now selecting the more comfortable and natural appearing partial hair additions or integrated units.

Who Should Avoid Partial hair Additions?

Males and females undergoing chemotherapy and newly diagnosed patients with alopecia areata should request a full prosthesis. Due to the nature of chemotherapy, all hair will likely be lost and a partial hair addition may be useless. With alopecia areata, the condition may not be stable and focusing in on one area may only be a temporary solution.

Can Hair Additions Be Used In Combination with Hair Replacement Surgery?

Temporary usage of hair additions while undergoing lengthy hair transplant sessions is becoming increasingly popular with many men and women who do not wish to appear "under construction" while in public. Many successful transplants will take from 1 to 2 years to complete.