By Lisa Ferestad, Owner, Cura Hair Solutions, Marietta, Georgia 

For me, 2021 has been all about making changes to simplify my life and my business. I have found that making small changes can have a big impact. My morning routine was one of the areas I knew could be simplified.

My first change was to exercise at home. I purchased a Peloton bike and made it a priority to take a class four or five days a week. I also have a subscription to The Class. All you need is a yoga mat and you can stream all levels of workouts. You don’t need the bike to get a lot out of the Peloton app, as they have many classes that you can enjoy including yoga and meditations. This has become part of my morning routine and I always have a better day when I start with a workout. I do mix up my workouts between riding, yoga, stretching and light weight lifting.

Another thing I changed was my morning routine is making my own iced latte. I used to spend a lot of time sitting in line at Starbucks drive-thru, waiting for my latte. I even caught myself leaning out the window, listening to the order being placed in the car in front of me and feeling stuck when I could tell they were ordering for the entire office. This was a source of stress for me and I would often cut it close getting to the studio on time. I am lucky that my husband, Brad, has perfected my coffee, saving me 15-20 minutes in the morning.

I used to run around before my day started trying to find clothes that were not stained and it was so frustrating. A colleague was telling me about the uniform policy she implemented and suggested I consider it. I ordered a few tops and decided to give them a try. 

At first, it felt a bit strange wearing essentially the same outfit every day. But I quickly adapted and started to enjoy getting ready in the mornings. My morning routine has been cut in half and I am no longer upset that my clothes are being ruined. Suiting up in my uniform also helps me to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Having uniforms adds a professional look and has improved our branding. We have three choices in tops, so our team can choose what they feel comfortable wearing.

I often get comments from clients saying they like my top and they are surprised when I tell them it’s a uniform. The uniforms are stylish, wash and dry great and have held up well. Saving time and money has definitely been a win for me.

I now have a smooth morning routine where I take care of myself and my days get off to a great start. What small changes can you make to make a big difference in your day?