Understanding ‘Thinning Hair Space’ Revenue Drivers and How to Capture $$$ for Your Salon

By Colleen Camp, Global Education Director, BosleyMD

Educational selling, also known as consultative selling, is a strategy that focuses on educating potential clients about their needs and the solutions your product or service can provide.

This approach is often more effective than traditional sales tactics because it builds trust and positions you as an authority in your industry. Here are my top tips for attracting new clients through educational selling: BUSINESS

TIP #1 Create valuable content that is meaningful to your client. Potential and existing clients want to know the “why” behind hair thinning before they want to know how to treat it. Offering your expertise in an educational format will be much more engaging and will entice them to learn more from you, your services, and what you can offer in support of their hair-thinning challenge.

BUSINESS TIP #2 Utilize social media support groups. Share your knowledge on social media platforms where your target audience
is active such as support groups. I can’t emphasize enough how effective this can be if approached correctly. Utilizing social support groups and platforms helps you to engage in conversations, answer questions, and build relationships.

BUSINESS TIP #3 Tell don’t sell. Most online support groups do not allow selling of any kind; however, if your knowledge is posted, powerful and helpful, potential clients can be reached through a private message.

BUSINESS TIP #4 Offer workshops and webinars. Host workshops or webinars to provide in-depth knowledge on relevant topics. This interactive approach allows you to showcase your expertise while directly addressing the concerns of your audience.

BUSINESS TIP #5 Use testimonials and case studies. Clients trust more scientific substantiation and proven-to-work products and services for their hair and scalp health. Highlighting real-world examples of how your product or service has helped others builds credibility and provides social proof.

BUSINESS TIP #6 Provide complementary service. Offering a free scalp analysis or complementary bang trim entices clients to come to your salon, allowing you to have direct conversations with new clients.

BUSINESS TIP #7 Know industry trends and category growth drivers. Did you know that consumer spend-ing is approaching $4 billion per year seeking effective solutions for fine and thinning hair?” That’s right. $4 billion, with a B. It’s also interesting to note, that women are now seeking and purchasing as many products as men with the purchasing ratio now reaching 50-50. Being in tune and understanding trends regarding the “thinning hair space” and its revenue drivers offers direction for your development of social media content.

Remember, the key to educational selling is to genuinely help your clients solve their challenges rather than simply pushing a product or service. By positioning yourself as a valuable resource, you’ll attract clients who appreciate your expertise and are more likely to become long-term customers.