By Bernard Ory, Owner, The Profitable Stylist, Slidell, Louisiana

Fact: Most people want more hair, especially women. Also fact: People with thinning hair definitely want more hair. This is true for both men and women.

Most potential clients are looking for a solution that can help them look and feel more youthful day and night.  So, why doesn’t every hair salon, hair restoration studio and stylist have the latest techniques and products to address their clients’ unique hair concerns and desires?

The disconnect, or “missing link,” is that stylists are approaching the challenge with the singular skill set. Often, these solutions are outdated or inadequate for the client they are servicing. Also, some clients simply are not ready for the commitment some hair loss solutions require.

For example, stylists in a traditional salon will often attempt to solve their client’s hair loss with the only technique they are familiar with — hair extensions. This isn’t a necessarily effective or comprehensive approach if there is significantly thinning in the upper crown and part area. Similarly, most hair restoration technicians only offer solutions that require clients to shave their heads before adding a system. We know this to be a significant psychological hurdle that often prevents clients from moving forward with a hair loss solution. Finally, surgical implants are an expensive approach without the benefit of immediate results.

Fortunately, advances in technology over the past few years have brought solutions to the marketplace that address hair loss in a way that is better suited for many new hair loss clients. 

Toppers and Long Hair Bonding

Modern hair toppers are a “no shave” and “low tension” solution that incorporates advanced technology to preserve existing hair. Specifically, stylists should consider both the long hair bonding technique and the beaded topper as a progressive solution for many potential clients. These techniques address the physiological and psychological barriers while creating length and volume. In my experience, my clients are more comfortable and satisfied with these transitional solutions when initially addressing their hair loss.

An important new twist on this old idea is that they do not require a private room for the service so stylists in a traditional salon setting can also offer it to their clients. Additionally, there are a few advantages to these new systems as opposed to wigs or clip-in hair toppers. First, the benefit to the client is that they are living in their hair 24/7 and don’t have to take off their hair and reapply it. This is a more manageable and desired solution for the average client who is not a hairdresser and will likely have trouble replicating at home what the technician created for them at the salon. Another benefit is that these systems do require maintenance and reapplication after several weeks, which makes this a much more profitable service over the long term for the stylist and business owner.

Long hair bonding creates a tight and secure bond to the client’s existing hair with regularly scheduled 2-3 hour service and maintenance visits. The beaded topper integrates the client’s existing hair into the system and is a completed service in under an hour with regular maintenance required as well.

While these techniques do require some training, some are offered online and mastered quickly by talented stylists. This allows you to incorporate the new service easily into your salon. Ultimately, I’ve found this to be the ideal transition for new clients who are looking for professional services to adequately address their needs but are hesitant to commit to more permanent solutions.