It’s a Valuable Tool for Your Treasure Chest

By Shanna Moll, Owner of Refined Hair and Studio You Education

How much time and money have you spent on continuing education only to go back to your studio and continue doing absolutely the same thing you were before?

Shanna Moll

In the past 10 years, I have spent upwards of $100,00 trying to improve my skills. After the conferences, workshops, and classes, I’d return to my studio and open the manual to remind myself of something and realize it wasn’t written clearly or in a way I could understand. This was so frustrating and I realized individual mentorship was a more beneficial way to achieve goals. I like having someone available whom I can ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

Here are some things to look for when searching for the right mentor:

■ Find someone you trust who has been successful in the area you want to grow. Read reviews and ask if you can speak to some mentees to hear their perspectives.

■ Your mentor should meet you where you are. It’s OK if you are just getting started and have tons of questions or if you already have a successful hair replacement studio and want help making it better or even if you want to plan a road to retirement. Find someone who is willing to help you develop your goals and plan a way for you to achieve them.

■ Goals should be both short- and long-term. Often it is helpful to develop goals for three months, one year, three years and five years. Goals can also change as you grow and learn more. Your mentor can guide you and help you achieve them.

■ Regularly scheduled coaching sessions should be part of the mentoring plan. I find meeting once a week for a period of time is most helpful. A good mentor will assign homework based on goals and there will be time to discuss it at your next session.  This will help you stay focused on track, even when you are super busy.

■ Good mentors want you to be successful and do not want to waste your time or money.  They should be able to help figure out the probable length of coaching needed to achieve your goals. Then they should be available, as needed, for questions and additional coaching when you need clarification or have something new to discuss.